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For years our medical still-image and video capturing solutions have been very successful on the market, since they offered quick, training free usage as well as good workflow integration with high quality capture. Our newest edition of curaCapture devices build on that foundation and now feature an integrated high definition capacitive multi-touch screen. It still offers the ability to connect either an external monitor with and without touch, but the integrated monitor makes it even easier to fit with existing equipment..


In addition to the HD version of the curaCapture device we also offer a SD analog video capturing version. Capable of capturing S-VIDEO/Cinch videos in full PAL and NTSC quality. Otherwise it offers the same reliable and robust hardware and identical user interface.

  • 1TB Storage Drive
  • or 100 hours of HD content
  • or 600 hours of SD content
  • or 500000 still images
  • Certified for operating room environments
  • Sealed for easy disinfection
  • Camera button control (2-button and 1-button short and long)
  • Foot pedal control
  • CD, DVD and Blu-Ray available
  • Network storage option available
  • Dicom storage option available
  • Dicom worklist option available

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