Secure Datacenter Solutions

We host in State of the art locations in multiple datacenters around NĂĽrnberg Germany.

Hosted or On-Premises ?

You can decide whether you require a secure hosted solution or you want to implement an on-premises solution.

Fully Featured

Between automatic platform updates, security reviews and integrated developer tools, this is our most complete offering.

If you are interested in hosted solutions for your business or healthcare project


Hosting solutions securely in the cloud has never been easier. All our solutions are hosted across multiple datacenters and are automatically replicated across multiple datacenters.

We also take regular snapshots of all machines to allow quick comparisons with previous states and we verify all servers for data integrity and performance using state of the art monitoring.


Customers with the ability to self-host or having special data security requirements can take our solutions on-premise. We supply certified servers or the customers can build them based on the exact same specifications as our own datacenter servers. We can optionally integrate them for stability and performance monitoring and service them or we train customer employees to do it. We strive for full transparency in what we do and how we do it with our customers.