High-Performance PACS System. Storage for DICOM and Multimedia Documents


Based on our curaArchive solution we have created a full PACS with all associated services. While benefiting from the scalable redundant and highly performant architecture of the curaArchive it offers great compatibility with existing DICOM modalities and services.


In addition to standard DICOM services curaPACS+M also allows to store any conventional multimedia document such as JPEGs, Bitmaps, Audio, PDF or even custom workflow forms.

Multi Source Storage

Due to its support of multiple long-term storage solutions such as curaStorage the system can securely apply different storage policies for different data source. e.g. DICOM images imported from CD could be kept for only a few months while other data for 10 years.

Research Support

When required curaPACS+M can offer anonymized views over the available data without storing multiple copies. This makes searching and querying data for conferences or research purposes via our curaSmartClient product easy, fast and efficient.

Combined Search

curaPACS+M is designed with storage being an external service. Therefore it understands how to query and retrieve data from outside sources such as existing PACS systems. This can be used for example to give users a singular user-interface across multiple PACS or storage systems across the hospital while retaining security and segmentation when needed. Meaning there is no need to manually query multiple PACS systems for patient related images anymore. One search in the curaSmartClient combines the results into one view. When required users can manually share studies via drag and drop keeping private data private. This allows for a truly combined view across all documents a patient has without giving up confidentiality.


curaPACS+M fully supports LDAP and Active Directory security if available and is based on it. This means no extra manual logon is required by users.
  • High Performance
  • Designed for 24/7 Uptime
  • Supports long-term storage solutions such as curaStorage
  • Fully DICOM conformant
  • DICOM Query/Move
  • Connectable with SmartClient
  • Other Archive Aggregation Support

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